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When you’re purchasing a new home, the last thing on your mind is how your waste will be processed. A septic system is a very natural way to process waste and when combined with a functional well is much more cost effective than city water and sewer. Here are a few tips for homebuyers considering homes with septic systems.

As we’ve outlined before, septic systems can mean self reliance, a greener (more sustainable) way of processing your wastewater and a much more cost effective option as compared to city sewer. Here are four reasons that we believe that home buyers shouldn’t fear a septic system when purchasing a home.

Septic inspections are no longer requires during a home sale, but can save both the buyer and seller money and headaches down the road.

Your septic system probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re trying to sell, but there are a few things you can do to help expedite your sale. A point of sale septic inspection may not be legally required, but doing your diligence may help your home stand out from others on the market.

A septic contractor will be able to give you an honest and thorough assessment of your septic system and help you best understand what condition it is in. The septic professional will typically have a list of steps that he follows to ensure that your system is thoroughly inspected.

Despite the lack of existing requirements for point of sale septic tank inspections, a septic inspection is something you’ll want to be sure you get prior to making a final decision on a potential home for you and your family. While some lenders may require this inspection in order to finance your new home, some do not. Here are a few reasons that you’ll want to make sure you get a copy of a recent inspection or have your own done prior to purchasing a home:

We recently noticed this Naples Daily News commentary that was published from one of the readers on June 23rd. The commentary addressed the newly imposed septic legislation (House Bill 1263) which allows counties the option to adopt septic inspection and pumpout requirements every 3-5 years.

Tropical Storm Debby dropped nearly eight inches of rain throughout Southwest Florida this past week. The record rainfall caused riding tides in the Gulf and Caloosahatchee River.

Sludge buildup in your septic tank as wastewater is processed will inevitably need to be pumped out. While some believe that septic systems require no maintenance, the truth is that in order for your septic system to function properly, your septic tank should be inspected and pumped on a regular basis. The EPA suggests that septic tanks be pumped every 3 years. Septic Tank pumpouts can cost anywhere from $250 to $500. While this expense is significantly less expensive than paying a monthly bill through public utilities – tight budgets can make it hard for a household to afford a pumpout when the need arises. Some septic owners consider the idea of DIY septic tank pumping to save the additional costs, but there are a few risks involved in doing so that you should consider.

Legal ramifications. It’s important to understand that while there are many online resources for DIY septic pumping, that the state of Florida requires that septic pumpouts be performed by a permitted and registered septic tank contractor.

Environmental impact & disposal. Even if you make the conscious decision to illegally pump your septic tank on your own – what would you do with the waste? Part of the fee that you pay to have your septic tank pumped out includes the proper treatment and disposal of that waste. Septic experts typically have facilities that can properly treat the waste and have the appropriate vehicles to transport the waste to a wastewater management facility. Improper waste disposal by you or other unauthorized individuals can result in unhealthy situations and be the cause of environmental pollution that can contribute to pollution, toxic algae blooms and increased nitrogen in our local waterways.

Inspections. Hiring a licensed and certified septic contractor means that they’ll have comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings and architecture of your septic tank. Rather than just pumping your waste from the tank, they’ll be able to take a look at your drainfield and how your septic system as a whole is functioning. Their expertise can pinpoint potential issues with your drainfield and help you better understand the maintenance required for your septic system to operate effectively.

Although the investment to inspect and pump your septic tank on a regular basis may appear to be a financial burden, it can go a long way to helping your septic system operate optimally for years to come. It may help you to develop a monthly budget. Saving a few dollars here and there can quickly add up and, when the time comes, you’ll be able to have your septic tank pumped out by an expert you can trust. 

Have you been experiencing continued issues with your septic system? Has your septic system been suffering from years of neglect? Drainfield repairs in Southwest Florida are sometimes require when septic systems are poorly maintained.

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