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septic-tradeshowWe experienced a great turnout for the Realtor Tradeshow – and have had many requests for more information about septic inspections for point of sale purposes. While you can access a lot of information on septic inspections in our blog, we decided to include our presentation from the show here as well.

The slideshow below will give you insight into what you can expect during a point of sale septic inspection, potential problems that your inspector may identify and reasons that buyers, sellers and realtors should obtain septic inspections.

We enjoy being  a resource for all your septic questions. Please feel free to contact us for a free presentation for your agents or clients on the importance of septic inspections. Remember: Septic inspections are no longer requires during a home sale, but can save both the buyer and seller money and headaches down the road.

Click here to view our point of sale septic inspection presentation.

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