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Smart landscaping and routine maintenance can help the longevity of your septic system!

Many people with septic systems know that routine maintenance combined with watching water usage and using safe chemicals help the overall health of the system.

Sometimes it’s also a good reminder to check and make sure the landscaping around the drain field is not interfering with the system.

Some planting guidelines:

  • Stay shallow. You do not want plants or flowers to grow deep enough to disrupt the pipeline of your septic tank. It’s always good to know how deep in the ground your septic system has been installed. Septic safe plants for over your system and drain field are Herbaceous plants — short-rooted plants.
  • Be careful with trees. Trees have elaborate root systems and its roots will grow in the direction of the wet drainage field around it. There are smaller trees with less complex root systems, but no trees should be planted too close to a septic system.
  • Be shrub smart. Water-loving shrubs grow deep in the ground when their roots search for water. These roots can become entangled in the system and cause issues if they are planted too close. Planting shrubs 10 feet away at the base of the system can be beneficial in helping prevent erosion.
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