Grease Trap Cleaning is an important liquid waste removal process. Crews Environmental services grease traps in Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda and Naples.

Crews Environmental offers commercial grease trap cleaning to restaurants, kitchens and other commercial facilities.

Regular grease trap cleaning is important to the health of your restaurant or commercial kitchen. Grease traps function to keep oils, fats and other hazardous waste from going down the drain. Your grease trap system traps these oils so they can solidify and the trap must be emptied and cleaned regularly. If this is not done, the trap will emit a very foul odor and overflow.

It's important that you dispose of the waste properly and not use any sort of additives in your trap system - as this can filter some of the waste down the drain and cause pipe obstructions down the road.

The EPA requires that your grease traps remain unobstructed and free of debris. Failure to comply is a criminal offense in many areas.

Be sure that you schedule grease trap cleaning with Crews Environmental every 90 days. Our experts can get you on a regular schedule to ensure that your restaurant or commercial kitchen is compliant.

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