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There are more than 78 million dogs in the United States, producing millions of tons of poop annually. The question most pet owners have is how they should dispose of their pet’s waste. Some pet owners have tried composting, while others dump it into a landfill. Many flush it down the toilet or put it…

Earth Day is approaching and there are so many ways that you can improve how you take care of the planet by taking care of your septic system at the same time! This month, try taking the time to understand how you are currently maintaining your septic system and how you can develop new ways…

Here are a few tips to help you keep up with your septic system in Southwest Florida.

The EPA has provided resources to homeowners in order to properly educate them regarding their septic system. ¼ of all United States residents’ wastewater is managed by a septic system. In order to be more septic smart with water use, maintenance and pumpouts, it’s important that homeowners know the basics.

While septic tank maintenance is much more top of mind for diligent homeowners than those with city sewer, it’s important to understand that everyone, even those with public utilities, should carefully watch what is flushed down their toilet.

Silver Springs is a perfect sample of the misuse and mismanagement of wastewater and overexertion of natural springs.

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